GMP-Ready Cannabis Software

Our software has been third-party tested to ensure it complies with
pharmaceutical industry requirements. This enables us to work with cannabis operators focused on the highest international standards for quality, as well as producers looking to import or export internationally.
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Elevated Signals is EU-GMP & cGMP verified.
We comply with industry requirements, including:

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Annex 11 & Annex 15

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FDA Electronic
Records 21 CFR Part 11, Computerized Systems

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EudraLex Good
Manufacturing Practices
Vol 4

Health Canada GMP,
Guideline GUI-

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GMP solution for cannabis manufacturing

Elevated Signals replaces systems of spreadsheets, paper, and legacy seed-to-sale software with a fully-digital central platform to manage inventory, quality record-keeping and environmental data.

EU-GMP & cGMP verified, our software enables significant improvements to supply chain visibility, operational productivity, and yield optimization, ultimately increasing profitability for cannabis producers.

What some of our GMP partners say:

Pure Sunfarms

Elevated Signals customer, Pure Sunfarms - one of the world's largest cannabis operations - received its EU-GMP certification in March 2022, enabling it to export cannabis products to the EU and other international markets.

“GMP was a big endeavour, and Elevated Signals worked closely with us to make sure they were able to deliver on what we needed. The team understood the importance of this development for our company and partnered with us to ensure success on our GMP adventure.”

- Tarlyn Campbell, Director of Business Solutions, Pure Sunfarms
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Q&C Services

“Cannabis producers looking to export internationally either now or in the future, must ensure their software systems are GMP-validated or they will have to implement a parallel paper-based system, something that is extremely error-prone and inefficient.

"Elevated Signals has set itself apart by completing this validation, enabling its users to be compliant right out of the gate.”

- Steve Hennigar, Director, Consulting Operations at Q&C Services
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What is GMP-validated software?

Any regulated company that uses an electronic system to conduct a GMP activity must prove that the system is fit for purpose and performs correctly. The system must be GMP-validated to prove this.

A piece of software that has been GMP-validated has been through rigorous examination, including IQ, OQ and PQ testing (Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification) to ensure that all activities and data that support GMP decisions are authentic.

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Hanway Associates
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Helping Rubicon Organics save half million in one year

Implementing Elevated Signals' software meant Rubicon Organics was able to significantly reduce the management time & cost of its QA program.

Getting started is simple

Whether you’re pre-licensed, or looking to upgrade from your existing seed-to-sale or paper-based system, getting set up with Elevated Signals is fast and easy.

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