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Manufacturing Compliance Software

Stop drowning in cumbersome piles of regulatory paperwork and have a central source of truth, with Elevated Signals' manufacturing compliance software. Always be inspection-ready with our one-click audit features that comply with GPP and GMP standards.

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Cannabis batch record

Truly Paperless Compliance Software


GMP-Validated Manufacturing Software

Elevated Signals has been third party GMP-validated. EU-GMP software allows manufacturing operations to comply with the highest international standards of quality, import and export and produce in global markets.

Automatic Batch Records

Automatically generate and instantly download detailed digital batch production records in just one click.

Digital Signatures

Our customizable form builder comes complete with GMP digital signatures. No more chasing people around the facility to sign paperwork.

Full Audit Trails

Battle-tested chain of custody documents with extensive audit trails. Making inspections and audits much quicker and far less painful.

Extensive Built-in Reports

Submit Health Canada CTLS and B300 quickly thanks to our extensive list of reports that help you understand changes in your monthly inventory.
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Real-time Visibility

Join the dots between inventory and your quality program. Access all information in real-time, from anywhere.
Featured Case Studies
Our customers tried various systems before Elevated Signals, from old-school legacy software and ERPs, to home-built platforms, pen, paper and spreadsheets, none were able to provide them with granular visibility of their facility. Read their stories:
  • Helping Lotus Cannabis Co. make CTS reporting pain-free
    The Lotus team was frustrated with its previous seed-to-sale system & its lack of support for CTS reports. They got instant value when switching to Elevated Signals.
    Read Case Study
  • Helping Rubicon Organics save half million in one year
    Using Elevated Signals' software, Rubicon Organics reduced the cost of its QA program, while joining the dots between quality reporting and inventory management.
    Read Case Study
  • Enabling GlassHouse Botanics to release production batches 80% faster
    Elevated Signals helped GlassHouse Botanics attain real-time insight into facility operations and optimize workflows.
    Read Case Study
  • Giving 314 Pure digital batch records in "10 seconds not 10 days"
    Thanks to Elevated Signals' software, 314 Pure cannabis was able to got easy access to important data while saving time, money and bossing its audits.
    Read Case Study
  • Partnering with Pure Sunfarms to support efficiency, productivity & future growth
    In early 2020, Pure Sunfarms deployed Elevated Signals' cannabis software to help with the digital transformation of its batch record-keeping process.
    Read Case Study

Cruising through audits

“Thanks to the digital batch records from Elevated Signals, we cruised through our audit. Previously our records were all on paper and stored in binders, so naturally, inspections took a couple of days. This time, it was quick and painless, the Health Canada team loved how easy it was to show the information and we passed with flying colours!”

Lucas Wiebe, Lead Grower, Lotus Co. 

Instant batch information

“Whether you’re sanitizing a room or pruning, you’re able to get all of that detail uploaded and tracked nicely in Elevated Signals. When you’re going through an audit, you’re able to pull up all the information on your batches instantly. That wasn’t offered with our previous system and it makes a huge difference.” 

Laine Keyes, Co-founder & Chief Cultivator, Habitat

What does Health Canada ask in an audit?

Our customer success team is pretty clued up on the sorts of things auditors request during a compliance inspection. Exactly what you are asked can vary depending on the type of inspection (regular, sales, targeted), and also from inspector to inspector. Read our full post on what to expect in an audit and example questions that our customers were asked.

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How does manufacturing software keep me compliant?

Manufacturing businesses must spend a lot of time and effort on maintaining a good standing with regulators. By automating processes and digitizing all records required to be compliant, manufacturing compliance software not only makes the auditing process much smoother, it reduces human error and significantly lowers operating costs. You can learn more about the benefits of software in our buyer's guide.

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See our other software features that have been specifically built for manufacturing operations

We have manufacturing customers all over the world

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GMP solution for manufacturing

Elevated Signals replaces systems of spreadsheets, paper, and legacy software with a fully-digital central platform to manage inventory, quality record-keeping and environmental data.

EU-GMP & cGMP verified, our software enables significant improvements to supply chain visibility, operational productivity, and yield optimization, ultimately increasing profitability for users.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Pure Sunfarms logo
    “After reviewing our options, we decided Elevated Signals was the best solution to continually optimize our processes as we scale up.”
    Mike Lattimer
    VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms
  • habitat logo
    "By streamlining our inventory, record keeping & environmental data into one platform, ES makes us much more efficient, keeps our costs down & helps us make data-driven decisions"
    Laine Keyes
    Co-founder & Chief Cultivator, Habitat
  • 314 logo
    “Elevated Signals is intuitive and laid out in a way that, if somebody asks me a question about a batch, I can have an answer in two seconds— even when I'm not physically at the facility.”
    Katie Kapcsos

    QAP, 314 Pure
  • Tantalus Logo
    “If you are an aspiring producer that is looking to reduce its QA labour load, I cannot say enough about Elevated Signals.”
    Dan Sutton

    CEO, Tantalus Labs
  • organnicraft cannabis logo
    "This is the future of inventory management software! We made the switch to ES a few months ago & haven’t looked back."
    Paul Brownfield

    QAP, Organnicraft
  • Rubicon logo
    “Thanks to Elevated Signals we have massively reduced the amount of time and cost needed to manage our QA program.”

    Tyler Perkins

    QAP, Rubicon Organics
  • Boaz cannabis logo
    “If I could go back in time I would switch to Elevated Signals in a heartbeat, and I'd encourage others to do the same.”
    Don MacKinnon
    Process Lead, BOAZ
  • Prairie Grass logo
    “Elevated Signals is an incredible time and cost-saving software platform, tailored to the extensive compliance record-keeping component of cannabis cultivation and processing."
    Rebecca Thomson
    Co-founder, Prairie Grass
  • Lotus cannabis logo
    “We’re really happy with Elevated Signals & would definitely recommend it to other LPs; CTS is easy, customer support is next-level & Health Canada loved the digital batch records."
    Lucas Wiebe
    Lead Grower, Lotus Cannabis Co.
  • Origine Nature logo
    “I would recommend Elevated Signals to any cannabis producer, without a doubt. Using the software has made us much more productive, saving time and money."
    Mathieu Laverdure
    VP Operations, Origine Nature
  • Pure Sunfarms logo
    “The strength of Elevated Signals is their approach to development, partnership, and understanding their client’s business."
    Tarlyn Campbell
    VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms
  • Origine Nature logo
    "Je recommanderais Elevated Signals à tout producteur de cannabis, sans aucun doute. L’utilisation du logiciel nous a permis d’être beaucoup plus productifs et de gagner du temps et de l’argent."

    Mathieu Laverdure
    VP Operations, Origine Nature

Why switch to Elevated Signals?

Accurate inventory reporting, reduction in labour costs, top customer service, paperless GMP-batch records, increased productivity and access to real-time data are just some of the reasons our customers love us.

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Getting started is simple

If you're looking to upgrade from your existing legacy software or paper-based system, getting set up with Elevated Signals is fast and easy.

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