Activate your data. Supercharge your operations.

Move your cannabis operations into the digital era. Increase profitability and make better decisions with real-time data.

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Loved by top producers

The best cannabis manufacturing software

Liberate your teams from tedious paper-based processes, frustrating seed-to-sale platforms, and old-school ERPs. Give them the software they need to be efficient and competitive.

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Tear down the walls

Unite your teams with real-time supply chain visibility across operations, inventory, QA/QC, finance and R&D. Have access to a central source of truth that’s accessible from anywhere, on any device.

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Data nerds rejoice!

Easily capture and analyze vast amounts of data in real-time to help control & optimize your production. Elevated Signals is the only data science software that is built specifically for cannabis manufacturing.

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We integrate with the best

Our open API enables you to integrate Elevated Signals with the tools you use every day whether that’s your QMS, ERP, accounting software or IoT sensors.

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Trusted by industry leaders

  • “After reviewing our options, we decided Elevated Signals was the best solution to continually optimize our processes as we scale up.”
    Mike Lattimer
    VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms
  • "By streamlining our inventory, record keeping & environmental data into one platform, ES makes us much more efficient, keeps our costs down & helps us make data-driven decisions"
    Laine Keyes
    Co-founder & Chief Cultivator, Habitat
  • “Elevated Signals is intuitive and laid out in a way that, if somebody asks me a question about a batch, I can have an answer in two seconds— even when I'm not physically at the facility.”
    Katie Kapcsos

    QAP, 314 Pure
  • “If you are an aspiring producer that is looking to reduce its QA labour load, I cannot say enough about Elevated Signals.”
    Dan Sutton

    CEO, Tantalus Labs
  • "This is the future of cannabis management software! We made the switch to ES a few months ago & haven’t looked back."
    Paul Brownfield

    QAP, Organnicraft
  • “Thanks to Elevated Signals we have massively reduced the amount of time and cost needed to manage our QA program.”

    Tyler Perkins

    QAP, Rubicon Organics
  • “If I could go back in time I would switch to Elevated Signals in a heartbeat, and I'd encourage others to do the same.”
    Don MacKinnon
    Process Lead, BOAZ
  • “Elevated Signals is an incredible time and cost-saving software platform, tailored to the extensive compliance record-keeping component of cannabis cultivation and processing."
    Rebecca Thomson
    Co-founder, Prairie Grass
  • “Elevated Signals is customized to our facility’s processes, records are paperless and data quality is accurate, meaning reporting is far more efficient”
    Janette Valencia
    Senior Accountant, BOAZ
  • “I would recommend Elevated Signals to any cannabis producer, without a doubt. Using the software has made us much more productive, saving time and money."
    Mathieu Laverdure
    VP Operations, Origine Nature
  • “The strength of Elevated Signals is their approach to development, partnership, and understanding their client’s business."
    Tarlyn Campbell
    VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms
  • "Je recommanderais Elevated Signals à tout producteur de cannabis, sans aucun doute. L’utilisation du logiciel nous a permis d’être beaucoup plus productifs et de gagner du temps et de l’argent."

    Mathieu Laverdure
    VP Operations, Origine Nature

Getting started is simple

Whether you’re pre-licensed, or looking to upgrade from your existing seed-to-sale or paper-based system, getting set up with Elevated Signals is fast and easy.

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