Seed-to-sale software for quality-driven cannabis teams

Digitally track plants, processed materials and non-cannabis inventory. Access vital operational data in real-time, increase productivity and drive profitability, all while creating high-quality cannabis products.

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Software for cannabis greenhouses, manufacturers and processors

Chosen by top cannabis producers:

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More than a seed-to-sale software

Unlike traditional seed-to-sale tracking systems, our software combines inventory tracking with digital batch production records & environmental data, in a single customizable platform. This gives your team the time and data they need to consistently produce quality cannabis products.

Seed-to-sale software

Elevated Signals fulfils all the functions of a seed-to-sale software platform and much more

  • Location, batch, lot and plant level tracking
  • Create customizable work orders and bespoke forms
  • Easily complete inventory reporting, track plant growth, harvests, drying, extraction, processing, packaging & non-cannabis inventory in real-time

Cannabis ERP

Our software fulfils all the necessary functions of a cannabis ERP

  • Access to real-time cannabis & non-cannabis inventory data to make audits easy
  • Download powerful reports (batch life cycle analysis, ledger reports, etc.)
  • We can Integrate with your existing ERP giving you granular insights from the production floor

Digital QA

Connect your cannabis and non-cannabis inventory data with your quality program

  • Create & manage customized forms with GMP digital signatures
  • Release batches in seconds with GMP/GPP electronic batch records
  • Access data on batch status (QA check-points, historical performance etc) from anywhere
Rubicon Organics Greenhouse

Customer story:
Rubicon Organics

Using Elevated Signals' seed to sale software, Rubicon Organics was able to significantly reduce the management time and cost of its QA program:

  • $500,000+ saved on personnel in the first year  
  • Batch release 600% faster than a paper-based system
  • Streamlined visibility of the entire facility
  • Virtual audits made easy, thanks to a fully digital platform
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Purchasing seed-to-sale software

We find many cannabis operators are struggling to maintain a profitable operation in today's market. More often than not, these struggles are caused by one common problem: cost.

Right from the get-go, it's expensive to meet the production costs of operating in a heavily regulated market. However, cannabis software can help. It can reduce labour costs, drive operational efficiency, and provide you with a wealth of data for the likes of product analysis and forecasting.

Our buyer's guide will help you identify how to classify the different software options available for cannabis manufacturing such as seed-to-sale, cannabis ERP and QMS, and determine how these tools will impact your business.

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Seed-to-sale software features

  • Customizable work orders and BOMs (Bill of Materials)
  • Location, batch, lot and plant level tracking
  • Detailed inventory reporting (CTS reporting for Health Canada)
  • Harvest, drying & processing work orders
  • QR barcoding
  • Non-cannabis inventory management
  • API driven to connect to BI (Business Intelligence) tools
  • Automatic GMP / GPP batch records
  • Customizable form builder
  • GMP digital signatures
  • Controlled data input
  • Destruction reports
  • Access data on batch status from anywhere
  • Document integrity & internal QA verification
  • API driven to connect to BI tools
  • Indoor/outdoor wireless sensor deployments
  • Link sensor data to locations & batches
  • Remote environmental monitoring/altering
  • Sensor floor plan mapping
  • Integrate your own sensors using our API 

What is seed-to-sale software?

Seed-to-sale software helps you track plant growth, harvests, drying, processing, packaging, sales and distribution. It provides a tool to view and manage your cannabis inventory, however, typical seed-to-sale platforms lack the quality documentation and batch records that tell the whole manufacturing story. As a result, producers must use a lot of paper binders and spreadsheets to connect the dots between their inventory, current work in progress, and QA programs.

Elevated Signals' seed-to-sale software not only offers all of the components of a seed-to-sale system, it also captures all inventory movement, quality control work, and environmental data into a central platform that can generate detailed production batch records. Information captured by Elevated Signals can be used for internal audits or by third-party inspectors.

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Why switch to Elevated Signals?

Our customers tried various systems before Elevated Signals, from old-school seed-to-sale software and ERPs, to home-built platforms, pen, paper and spreadsheets.

We asked them what life was like before & after Elevated Signals, check out what they had to say.

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International Requirements for Seed-to-Sale Software

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Do you need seed-to-sale software in Canada?

Health Canada does not require Licensed Producers to use a seed-to-sale system, but most producers opt to have one. Cannabis cultivators and processors in Canada must submit monthly inventory and sales reports using the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System. Regardless of the size and scope of your operation, CTLS reporting can be very challenging and time consuming without seed-to-sale software.
USA flag

Do you need seed-to-sale software in the USA?

In the USA, recreational and medical cannabis legalization and policy enforcement are controlled on a state level. In many states where cannabis is legal, track and trace systems, sometimes called seed-to-sale software, are required. This includes systems like Metrc and Biotrack which are used to keep track of inventory and traceability for compliance. Operators that just use these state-mandated systems are missing out on all of the benefits that other seed-to-sale systems provide.
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Do you need seed-to-sale software in Europe?

In Europe, cannabis is regulated differently in each country and sometimes in different jurisdictions. Seed-to-sale software is not required at this time, but some countries have a reporting requirement which will benefit from software. If you are EU-GMP-certified, the software you implement must be GMP-validated.
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Do you need seed-to-sale software in Australia & New Zealand?

You are not mandated to use seed-to-sale software in Australia, although there is a government reporting requirement. This means you will likely want software to help you with reporting. Like Europe, all producers must be GMP-certified, meaning seed-to-sale software must be GMP-validated.

What is the best seed-to-sale Software?

Elevated Signals was voted Best Cannabis Software in the 2022 O'Cannabiz Industry Awards. The awards are voted for by licensed producers members of the public, cannabis community and customers.

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There are a number of different cannabis software options available. In this post, we'll discuss the pros and cons.
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Customer Testimonials

  • Pure Sunfarms logo
    “After reviewing our options, we decided Elevated Signals was the best solution to continually optimize our processes as we scale up.”
    Mike Lattimer
    VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms
  • habitat logo
    "By streamlining our inventory, record keeping & environmental data into one platform, ES makes us much more efficient, keeps our costs down & helps us make data-driven decisions"
    Laine Keyes
    Co-founder & Chief Cultivator, Habitat
  • 314 logo
    “Elevated Signals is intuitive and laid out in a way that, if somebody asks me a question about a batch, I can have an answer in two seconds— even when I'm not physically at the facility.”
    Katie Kapcsos

    QAP, 314 Pure
  • Tantalus Logo
    “If you are an aspiring producer that is looking to reduce its QA labour load, I cannot say enough about Elevated Signals.”
    Dan Sutton

    CEO, Tantalus Labs
  • organnicraft cannabis logo
    "This is the future of cannabis management software! We made the switch to ES a few months ago & haven’t looked back."
    Paul Brownfield

    QAP, Organnicraft
  • Rubicon logo
    “Thanks to Elevated Signals we have massively reduced the amount of time and cost needed to manage our QA program.”

    Tyler Perkins

    QAP, Rubicon Organics
  • Boaz cannabis logo
    “If I could go back in time I would switch to Elevated Signals in a heartbeat, and I'd encourage others to do the same.”
    Don MacKinnon
    Process Lead, BOAZ
  • Prairie Grass logo
    “Elevated Signals is an incredible time and cost-saving software platform, tailored to the extensive compliance record-keeping component of cannabis cultivation and processing."
    Rebecca Thomson
    Co-founder, Prairie Grass
  • Lotus cannabis logo
    “We’re really happy with Elevated Signals & would definitely recommend it to other LPs; CTS is easy, customer support is next-level & Health Canada loved the digital batch records."
    Lucas Wiebe
    Lead Grower, Lotus Cannabis Co.
  • Origine Nature logo
    “I would recommend Elevated Signals to any cannabis producer, without a doubt. Using the software has made us much more productive, saving time and money."
    Mathieu Laverdure
    VP Operations, Origine Nature
  • Pure Sunfarms logo
    “The strength of Elevated Signals is their approach to development, partnership, and understanding their client’s business."
    Tarlyn Campbell
    VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms
  • Origine Nature logo
    "Je recommanderais Elevated Signals à tout producteur de cannabis, sans aucun doute. L’utilisation du logiciel nous a permis d’être beaucoup plus productifs et de gagner du temps et de l’argent."

    Mathieu Laverdure
    VP Operations, Origine Nature
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GMP solution for cannabis manufacturing

Elevated Signals replaces systems of spreadsheets, paper, and legacy seed-to-sale software with a fully-digital central platform to manage inventory, quality record-keeping and environmental data.

EU-GMP & cGMP verified, our software enables significant improvements to supply chain visibility, operational productivity, and yield optimization, ultimately increasing profitability for users.

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Getting started is simple

If you're looking to upgrade from your existing legacy software or paper-based system, getting set up with Elevated Signals is fast and easy.

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