Why Switch to Elevated Signals?

Our customers tried various systems before Elevated Signals, from old-school Seed-to-Sale software and ERPs, to home-built platforms, pen, paper and spreadsheets.

We asked them what life was like before & after Elevated Signals and here's what they said...
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“Our old software kept arguing with reality. We had a room with 200 plants and it would say we had 174. It wouldn’t allow us to change anything and it was impossible to speak to customer service. It was infuriating.” -Joel Darichuk, General Manager.

“Our quality records were on paper and not linked in any way to our inventory, meaning we lacked context on our batches - loads of important information and data points were essentially filed away.” -Katie Kapcsos, QAP.


"We switched to Elevated Signals last year, and since then our reporting and record-keeping have been a breeze. Unlike our old system, the software connects the dots between our inventory and quality program, giving us full visibility of our manufacturing process. This is invaluable and saves us a great deal of time and money. It’s a flexible system in an inflexible industry which I’d thoroughly recommend to any licensed producer.” -Joel Darichuk, General Manager.

“With Elevated Signals, we were able to do a lot more with less. It was five times more cost effective than our previous approach of combining seed-to-sale software with paper records, and it was 15 times as functional." -Katie Kapcsos, QAP.

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“We were spending hours each day just inputting inventory numbers into a spreadsheet. For a small and very busy team, this was not a good use of our time." -Packaging Lead, Jessica Chenuz.

“We used to do manual cycle counts regularly, as we didn’t trust the data from our old software" -Senior Accountant, Janette Valencia.


“It didn’t take us long to realize that Elevated Signals was much easier to use than our old system, and exactly what we needed to manage our batch records and inventory. If I could go back in time, I would switch to Elevated Signals in a heartbeat.” - Process Lead, Don MacKinnon.

"Elevated Signals is customized to our facility’s processes, records are paperless and data quality is accurate, meaning reporting is far more efficient.” -Senior Accountant, Janette Valencia.

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Rubicon Organics


“Our paper-based system required significant resources to manage, and our production team was looking at hiring a QA compliance liaison for every department to move paper documents back and forth for verification."


“Thanks to Elevated Signals we have massively reduced the amount of time & cost needed to manage our QA program. The software lets you design exactly how you want to gather data, & gives you the tools to collect it really quickly & easily.”

-Tyler Perkins, Production Manager, Rubicon Organics

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“We had to manually count our inventory and record it in our own separate spreadsheet system. We ended up with a lot of different spreadsheets but no visibility into where our product was. On top of this, we were doing all of our record-keeping on pen and paper as the software didn’t support this part of our operation either. Releasing batches for sale was tedious and very time-consuming.”


“We’re much more productive and efficient using Elevated Signals than we were with our previous software. Less time is spent on paperwork, looking for inventory in multiple spreadsheets, running between rooms and trying to correct errors. We’re releasing batches much faster and keeping costs down simultaneously.”

-Mathieu Laverdure, VP of Operations.

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Switching is simple

If you're looking to upgrade from your existing seed-to-sale, ERP or paper-based system, getting set up with Elevated Signals is fast and easy.

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“When we first got our Health Canada license, we were using a combination of seed-to-sale software, pen & paper and handheld sensors, which created a huge administrative burden for our team that wasn’t sustainable as we started to scale.”


“With Elevated Signals, we’re able to track our inventory, complete our quality record-keeping, and monitor environmental data in one place. This makes us much more efficient and significantly reduces the cost of our administration work.”

-Laine Keyes, Co-founder & Chief Cultivator

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“Our old platform was slow, complicated and wasn’t at all customizable, meaning we were forced to follow compliance their way, even though it didn’t match our operational processes.”


"Elevated Signals has definitely saved us a lot of time and money, and will continue to do so as we scale. We’re very thankful that we found them!”

“The Software is user-friendly and customizable which means we can create forms and reports that are custom to our facility’s processes - this is so valuable for me as a QA, I’m no longer glued to my computer and can easily stay on top of all of our paperwork.”

-Paul Brownfield, QAP.

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Organnicraft's QA & Compliance specialist, Paul Brownfield, talks about his experience with Elevated Signals:

Why customers choose Elevated Signals instead of Seed-to-Sale or ERPs:


Accurate inventory reporting


Top-notch customer service


Paperless GMP-batch records


Reduction in labour costs


Increased productivity


Real-time data insights

Award-winning cannabis software

Best Cannabis Software

Elevated Signals was voted Best Cannabis Software in the 2022 O'Cannabiz Industry Awards. The awards are voted for by members of the public, cannabis community and customers.
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Getting started is simple

Whether you’re pre-licensed, or looking to upgrade from your existing seed-to-sale or paper-based system, getting set up with Elevated Signals is fast and easy.

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